Whether you are a school leader or a parent considering flexischooling, CPE can provide you with advice and support. CPE has played a central role in incubating flexischools in the UK, including drafting the first guidelines for their operation. Today, we maintain very strong links with some of the leading flexischools both here and abroad, including Hollinsclough and X. Our board includes active flexischoolers.

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On this page you can find more information about flexischooling in the UK. If you find the information useful, why not join in order to keep up to date with the latest thinking?

If you’d like all our information and more available in one handy publication you might consider purchasing our Flexischooling Handbook. In doing so you will be supporting the cause and enabling CPE to increase its activity and advocacy in support of flexischooling.

FLEXISCHOOLING HANDBOOK: ENGLAND AND WALES from Educational Heretics Press written by Peter Humphreys, chair of the Centre for Personalised Education. All the important guidance, briefings and more in one place. Currently only available as a Kindle although that might change in the 2019. Current price only £5.99.